os crimes do estrangulador enluvado

03 Mar
3 Março, 2009

Li esta semana “Os Crimes do Estrangulador Enluvado” de Rex Stout e não gostei. Não tendo nada a dizer de especial sobre a personagem Dol Bonner – a sua detective feminina. A verdade é que nunca pode deixar de pensar na sua “gigantesca” criação: Nero Wolfe.

Nero Wolfe, who has expensive tastes, lives in a luxurious and comfortable New York City brownstone on West 35th Street. The brownstone has three floors, plus a large basement with living quarters, a rooftop greenhouse also with living quarters, and a small elevator, used almost exclusively by Wolfe. Other unique features include a timer-activated window-opening device that regulates the temperature in Wolfe’s bedroom, an alarm system that sounds in Archie’s room if someone approaches Wolfe’s bedroom door, and climate-controlled plant rooms on the top floor. A well-known amateur orchid grower, Wolfe has 10,000 plants in the brownstone’s greenhouse and employs three live-in staff to see to his needs.


Perante isto quem poderia não adorar um avantajado, eloquente, excêntrico Nero Wolfe. Que além de mais, ainda, adora uma verdadeira cerveja gelada.

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