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The most perfectly futile, the most sublime and absurd machines of all are of course: ourselves. We must embrace futility and absurdity. We must seize the machines that so wound us and make then part of us again, make love to hem, make them as magnificently ludicrous as ourselves. Then we, and they, will be whole again, and God will smile.

Mechagnosis by Douglas Thompson

You are what you eat and drink and breathe, so what are we now, most of us? Carbon Monoxide, Lead, Fluoride, Monosodium Glutamate. Metal and ash and oil.

by Douglas Thompson from Sylvow

What kind of darkness is this that has infiltrated our lives? What is the source of this malignant nature, that it so maliciously has stolen even our dreams from us. Where does it receive its divine-like might and power?

by Alexander Zelenyj, from Black Sunshine

The dark and the black were very different things.

from Brown is the New Black by David Rix

He wanted do show her how the wind does no listen or, if it does, it doesn’t care for one word of human babble.

from Sylvow by Douglas Thompson

When I was ten, my Daddy killed me.

from The Oz Suite by Gerard Houarner

Il ya plusieurs façons d’être con, mais le con choisit toujours la pire.

Frédéric Dard

Melancholy, soliloquy. Hunger and a hundred questions bruning in the heart. Turbulence of storm clouds, these tree tops raging in the forest I carry inside me.

from The Rhymer: an Heredyssey by Douglas Thompson

The thing about heads is that they never shut up. Separated from their bodies, it’s as if their minds and tongues have been liberated. Without bodies, brains feel no shame in endless banter, in expressing every little random thought. It’s really quite rude.

from The Oz Suite by Gerard Houarner

Rios gigantes, desertos gelados, taiga sem limites, temperaturas extremas: na Sibéria, a geografia é de uma grande rudeza. A história também, pois fez dela a terra dos condenados e dos deportados, um dos nomes da Dor do século XX. E no entanto é possível encontrar um encanto secreto nesta parte do mundo, que tão bem materializa o velho termo solidão, e que é uma espécie de alto-mar em terra. Foi o que me aconteceu.

Sibéria de Olivier Rolin